Abi Global Health and ProPrivacy share 12 important steps 

Working with Abi Global Health is a joy and a privilege for us at ProPrivacy. Working with their team, ProPrivacy guides and supports the Abi Global Health programme, through our data protection and privacy portfolios. By enabling mHealth in unique ways, Abi Global Health remains committed to data compliance and online security. 

Who is Abi Global Health

Abi Global Health is a forward-thinking mobile health and telehealth company that places keen emphasis on securing patient information and customer data. As all good mHealth and telehealth companies should! Providing mobile health and telehealth services to patients, Abi Global Health works with ProPrivacy to ensure excellent patient data security and data compliance. 


Data Ethics By Design

By ensuring that people get the healthcare services they need, and medical professionals are equipped with the tools to provide insightful medical advice, Abi Global Health operates from a central philosophy of care, centred on data ethics by design. Ascribing to three important pillars of service provision, Abi Global Health ensures excellent data ethics by ensuring its service is:

  • Accessible: The Abi platform is made available through popular chat apps, easily accessed through mobile phones.
  • Secure: Abi Global Health ensures excellent security and data compliance throughout its operations and platform initiatives.
  • Trustworthy: By partnering with trusted medical professionals, Abi Global Health enables simple, convenient mHealth services through micro-consultations that meet people wherever they are.

ProPrivacy Compliance Solutions

Through supporting and guiding organisations like Abi Global Health, ProPrivacy uses and implements data ethics by design. An effective and purposeful data compliance programme supports your business’ growth, and organisational development objectives. 

The 12 Step Guide to Data Ethics

ProPrivacy is extending and expanding, providing data compliance services to clients across the globe. We’re looking forward to helping more organisations initiate and align their data compliance journeys. As part of our approach, Philipa Jane Farley follows a set of strict data ethics guidelines, as highlighted in this 12 step guide journal article. Our approach to data ethics offers you an essential starting point for your business’ data compliance journey. Read more here: 12 Step Guide to Data Ethics for Mental Health.

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