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Do you own or manage an SME and are you currently working on your privacy program?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect on 25th May 2018 to protect the rights of European residents. This affects every business in the Europe and the UK. Due to the Global Village, GDPR is also a concern for non-EU based companies who process personal data of EU residents.

ProPrivacy Consulting provides data protection (GDPR), privacy (PECR and ePR) and electronic law specialist services. We help business owners like you to prepare your business for privacy law changes with an external auditing, training and advisory service.  We also provide Data Protection Officer support services. Our clients find that having these matters dealt with by an outside professional not only gives them peace of mind, but it takes a huge burden away from them.

Privacy and data protection
Privacy and Data Protection Law in Ireland - Services include:
  • Data Protection consulting, Privacy Law consulting and ICT Strategy consulting with a cybersecurity focus.
  • SME external audit resulting in a compliance benchmark report based on a gap analysis and prioritised actionable steps.
  • Training and workshops that can be customised to your needs, presented in person or online.
  • Support for your compliance team in the form of ad-hoc or retainer-based consulting.
  • Review of your policies, templates and other documents.
Why choose us to fast track your compliance in Privacy and Data Protection Law in Ireland?

Our professional background at ProPrivacy Consulting is rooted in South African Constitutional rights and contract law. South African privacy law is primarily governed by the Constitutional right to privacy and the POPI Act which when read together are nearly identical to the GDPR with minor differences such as the GDPR expanding on the right to be forgotten as well as the importance of data portability. So, you could say that we were almost prepared for this before GDPR was even conceived! We have worked with businesses ranging from small start-ups to multi-nationals who require compliance consulting in a local and global context. We understand the SME landscape and especially the fact that you as a business owner do not have time to waste.

The services We Offer at ProPrivacy Consulting

ProPrivacy Consulting Limited is Ireland's leading consultancy service for SMEs in all matters relating to data protection, electronic law, privacy and the new GDPR. Our consultancy is not only about education, but we'll discuss risk management and compliance solutions with you too.

DPO Services

A Data Protection Officer (DPO) sees to it that a company or organisation complies with the laws protecting individuals' personal data. The allocation and tasks of a DPO within an organisation are described in Articles 37(1), 38(2) and 39(3) of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


ProPrivacy Consulting Limited can provide experienced external audit services that are conversant with many different auditing systems and protocols. Our audits are done working alongside those with the relevant management responsibility and we provide constructive feedback to enable managers in-house to take corrective and improvement actions.


Training with ProPrivacy Consulting gives you a structured and easy to follow learning experience from the beginner and intermediary to advanced level for GDPR-centric data protection, privacy and cybersecurity topics. With rapid and regular changes in the law governing these topics, your staff will need regular updating.

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