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Are you an SME looking for governance, risk, and compliance help?

In operation since 2017, we have been honoured to have served many Cork, Irish, and European businesses.  We have developed wonderful relationships with our clients, and, as such, are now a closed-book consultancy.  We understand that you have landed here for a reason, so we would like to refer you on to our colleagues at XpertDPO where Stuart Anderson will be delighted to take a call and assist you with your consultancy needs, be they GDPR related, or wider security related.  XpertDPO further offers ISO27001 consultancy and auditing services.  Thank you for your interest, and we wish you all the best in your Governance, Risk, and Compliance endeavours.

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Do you need your GDPR data protection emergencies to disappear?  We know how hard GDPR compliance is for you as a business owner.  We know how many hours you’ve spent researching how to become GDPR compliant.  We know how much confusing information is out there.  We know that feeling of instant panic when you receive an email from the Data Protection Commission.  We know how difficult it is for you to figure out what information you need to return in an access request.

Are you under pressure with a GDPR emergency?

You might spend hours searching for information.  You’ve found guidance documents online that speak in general terms, but nothing specific to your context or problem.  You don’t know how to adapt the information you find to the problem you need to solve.  And, you’re under time pressure.  As a successful business owner, you know where your time is best spent.  We know that your time is not best spent trying to figure out what to do to solve your GDPR woes.

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We have 25+ years of business experience backed with technology (computer science AI programming), legal (electronic law, intellectual property law, and rights litigation), and teaching (technology systems and certifications) qualifications.  We have spent the last 5 of those 25+ years focussing solely on helping businesses meet their GDPR compliance obligations.  Peer recognition has afforded us a platform to share what we know and what we’ve learned at conferences and CPD events. 

We are your GDPR Subject Matter Expert

We do GDPR, simply.  No complications, no unnecessary extras.  We can help you with quick wins or long term support that suits your budget.  We offer our services through our GDPR compliance consulting process.  You let us know your matter to hand in the way that you understand it and then we begin by understanding your context.  We will identify solutions or GDPR compliance gaps against your existing issues or obligations.  You might choose to deal with urgent matters as a priority.  You might also commit to a longer term schedule of work, embedding good practice into your processes. 

We are your GDPR Partner

Whatever route you take, we are your GDPR compliance partner, translating and teaching as we go along.  We are there for you long after the work is done, ready to answer your queries or hop on a call to support you as and when the need arises.

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