GDPR Data Protection, Electronic and Privacy Law Consulting for SMEs in Cork, Ireland

Use data ethically with peace of mind.

Ireland is growing and so is your business.  More customers for you means more data to use and analyse or simply to care for and store on behalf of your clients.  A growing business might also mean more e-commerce, marketing campaigns, and cloud storage and operations. Let me simplify GDPR data protection, electronic and privacy law requirements for you and help you to prepare your business for legal compliance in Ireland, the UK, EU and the rest of the Global Village.

Based in Cork, Ireland, I offer Data Protection, Privacy and Electronic Law services that include:

  1. GDPR Data Protection Consulting, Electronic Law consulting, Privacy Law consulting and ICT Strategy consulting with a data ethics and cybersecurity focus in short bursts, month-to-month or longer contracts.
  2. SME external audits where I supply you with a compliance benchmark report that includes a risk-ranked gap analysis and prioritised actionable steps in alignment with the Irish Data Protection Commission requirements and ENISA recommendations for smaller businesses.
  3. Training and workshops that can be customised to your needs, presented in person or online to bring you and your staff up to speed with data protection law, electronic law and privacy law requirements.
  4. Support for your data protection officer and compliance team in the form of ad-hoc or retainer-based consulting.
  5. Review of your data protection law policies, procedures, privacy statements, templates and other documents.
  6. Review of your marketing strategies to ensure alignment with electronic privacy law requirements.

Why choose me to be your data protection, electronic and privacy law partner?

My clients find that having these matters dealt with by a specialist not only gives them peace of mind, but saves time and takes a huge burden away from them.  My professional background has roots in South African Constitutional Rights Litigation and Electronic Contract Law. South African data protection and privacy law is primarily governed by the Constitutional right to privacy and the POPI Act which when read together are nearly identical to the GDPR. I am a member of the Association of Data Protection Offices, the Irish Computer Society and the Business Analyst Association of Ireland.  I have worked with businesses ranging from small start-ups to multi-nationals who require compliance and other data related consulting in a local and global context. I understand the SME landscape and especially the fact that you as a business owner do not have time to waste.  Drop me a line today as I would love to be a support to your business.

Philipa Jane Farley

CEO and Consultant, ProPrivacy

Want to know more about who I help with data protection?

Cork GDPR Package

You have access to more data than ever before. You might have heard the phrase 'data is the new oil' but like oil, data must be refined in order to be useful to you.  Is your 'big data' being refined, growing and maturing with your business in alignment with what the law and data ethics require? 

Learn more about my services below.


Data Protection, Electronic and Privacy Law Consulting

ProPrivacy is Ireland's leading consultancy service for SMEs in all matters relating to data protection law, electronic law and privacy law. My consultancy is not only about education, I'll discuss data ethics, risk management, cyber security and compliance solutions with you too.

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Data Protection Officer Support and Services

Data Protection Officers and Coordinators carry big responsibilities and at times do need professional support.  They see to it that a company or organisation complies with the laws protecting individuals' personal data. I provide support to them and your compliance team with expertise and compassion in several different ways.

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Data Protection, Electronic and Privacy Law Auditing

ProPrivacy provides experienced external audit services that are conversant with many different auditing systems and protocols. My audits are done working alongside those with the relevant management responsibility and I provide constructive feedback to enable managers in-house to take corrective and improvement actions.

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Data Protection, Privacy and Cybersecurity Training and Workshops

Training with ProPrivacy gives you a structured and easy to follow learning experience from the beginner and intermediary to advanced level for GDPR-centric data protection, data ethics, privacy and cybersecurity topics. With rapid and regular changes in the law governing these topics, you and your staff will need regular updating.

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Read my latest blog where I share my submission to the Data Protection Commission who have opened public consultation on the processing of children's personal data and the rights of children as data subjects under the General Data Protection Regulation.

The Data Protection Commission has opened public consultation on the processing of children's personal data and the rights of children as data subjects under the General Data Protection Regulation. This is my submission. If you wish to submit your own views, do so at

Read More

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