Fast track your GDPR data protection, privacy, and cyber security compliance.

You build your business, and we’ll handle your data protection, privacy, and cyber security compliance requirements.

Compliance Documentation

We help you design and implement effective data protection policies, procedures and data processing agreements.

Proof Of Compliance

Give your customers the assurance that your business uses effective Data Compliance Programmes.

Risk Assessments

We help you conduct and complete risk assessments and data protection impact assessments.

Remote Offices

Ensure your remote office policies and procedures are secure and compliant.

Sales And Marketing

Your website and marketing strategies must be compliant. We’ll help your business stay secure.

Hi, I’m Philipa, lead consultant and auditor at ProPrivacy.  It is my mission to make it easy for you to manage your business’s data compliance requirements and ensure you don’t get tangled up in bureaucratic red tape. ProPrivacy is backed by more than twenty years’ experience in the realms of data and cyber security governance, risk and compliance management.

Do you need help with data subject rights requests, data breaches, data protection impact assessments and data processing agreements?
Our team works with you to implement fully customisable data compliance documentation, programmes, and solutions that are built to meet your organisational needs.

Not sure how to do this yourself?
We’ll help your organisation stay red tape-free. Rather than draining your administrative resources, by constantly trying to remain compliant with data protection, privacy and cyber security law, we ensure your organisation is legislatively compliant today, and built that way for the future.
Consider us the specialist in your pocket.
We help you strategise and provide solutions. Call us today for a free no-obligations chat. Based in Cork, Ireland, with a global client base, we design and deliver risk-aware data compliance documentation, programmes and solutions. You do the business. We’ll do the compliance.
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Your Big Business & The GDPR

Your Big Business & The GDPR

GDPR compliance is on your operational agenda. Your compliance department seems to have it under control, but has compliance become part of your business journey? If not, it’s time to warp speed into action.

Fast track your GDPR and cyber security data compliance with ProPrivacy Compliance Solutions.
If you’ve avoided putting your GDPR data protection compliance programme into place, we know why it’s been difficult. You’re just too busy, and your business needs your focus. As a responsible business, however, you know that data compliance is a priority. But, just how onerous is the task? Our short guide by Cath Jenkin outlines how to create and implement a robust GDPR data protection compliance programme.
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