Cyber Security For Small Business

Every business needs data to operate. Small businesses that process data, including personal data, need to understand cyber security threats. Ensure your small business adheres to cyber security best practices.


As part of your small business GDPR compliance requirements, data security and cyber security must remain a priority. Inadequate cyber security and network security will affect your bottom line. Data breaches, phishing attacks, and ransomware, are particularly high on the list of threats to small businesses. Let’s eliminate that risk, as far as possible, and ensure your small business remains secure. 

Protect your business and your customers with robust cyber and network security practices.  Some good cyber security practices for your small business might include:

  • Having a strong password policy in place,
  • Defending against phishing attacks, including phishing emails,
  • Securely storing and processing delicate information, like banking information,
  • Performing software updates,
  • Knowing and using the most current operating system for your devices and,
  • Paying particular attention to the security of devices, particularly mobile devices.

To help your small business stay cyber secure, we have compiled this resource page. It will be of help to you as a small business as you start and mature your data security programme over the next while.

Data security in your everyday data business operations is achievable. We are here to help you with cyber security best practices, as you continue growing your business.

Keep an eye out for our small business owner handy guides to help you deal with cyber security incidents and data breaches within the mandated time frames.



Cyber Security Small Business Information and Advice

Please note that these cyber security resources do not constitute legal advice and are not a substitute for such. We welcome interaction and data security related enquiries from all businesses. Please feel free to share this information with your compliance, security, privacy or data protection officer.

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Security 3 Day Risk Assessment Package – Consultant Help

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