ProPrivacy Compliance Solutions is your one-stop shop when it comes to getting the red tape out of the way. You focus on building your business, while the ProPrivacy team takes care of your business’ compliance requirements.

Rather than burdening your administrative staff with compliance tasks, we work with you to build compliance-focused business processes that evolve as your business grows. Instead of trying to wade through masses of information, you simply lean on our technical and legal experience, backed by technologies that make your compliance processes easier. With a lawyer on your side, your business reaps the benefit of not just another technical services provider, but one that’s focused on ensuring you don’t get tangled up in bureaucratic red tape.

Meet the Team

Philipa Jane Farley, Director: Technology, Data Protection and Privacy Lawyer

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Artificial Intelligence Programming and a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree, Philipa Jane is a highly qualified, and deeply experienced, business advisor. Trained in Constitutional Rights Litigation, and having worked across a variety of sectors and industries, including education, Philipa Jane’s focus rests on ensuring regulatory compliance and online security.

Working with businesses from big to small, Philipa Jane implements Privacy by Design and Compliance by Design processes that ensure your business not only stays compliant with the appropriate legislation today, but that it’s future-proofed for any eventuality too. By managing your business’ risk level, and ensuring your business processes are legislatively compliant, Philipa helps you steer clear of disaster, so you can focus on building your business.

Graeme Farley, Director: Software Tools Development

Graeme is an experienced project manager overseeing software tools development projects for ProPrivacy.  Graeme has assisted with Serity, our GDPR compliance guide, since inception.  Graeme has worked across a variety of sectors and industries, managing complex projects involving large groups of people.  His usual focus is conservation and the outdoors, but we have convinced him that promoting the right to privacy and data protection is a worthy enough cause to sit behind a desk for a few hours a week.  He makes up for this by raising Summer, a puppy in training for Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind.

David Pletts: Business in Africa

David is our African business liaison, dealing with partners in South Africa and Kenya who have an interest in data protection and privacy related tools and services.  David manages our distribution relationships, contractual matters and day-to-day concerns as they arise.

A personal note from Philipa…

My husband, whose family is Irish, and I made the decision to relocate to Ireland from South Africa in 2017 with our two daughters. We have enjoyed a warm welcome from new friends and the community where we have settled and we couldn’t be happier. To answer the usual questions:

Where are we from in South Africa?  We lived in the Midlands in KwaZulu-Natal near the Drakensberg mountains. That would be pretty much in the middle of the country. We enjoyed a really rural life there.

Do we miss the weather? The weather is not very different as we had more rain annually in non-drought years but it is much more damp here in Cork.  We don’t really miss the heat and sun but maybe we will in a few years.

What about the accent?  We were surrounded by so many different nationalities and accents, understanding another accent is no worry.

Will we learn Irish?  Learning Irish is a challenge that the smallest child is winning so far.

Do we miss the food?  We do miss biltong but if you ask us to bring South African food somewhere you’ll most likely get a milk tart or bobotie as biltong is possibly an acquired taste/texture.