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Hi, I’m Philipa.  Your GDPR Subject Matter Expert.

I own ProPrivacy, offering GDPR consultancy and compliance services. I am computer science (Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence Programming) and electronic and intellectual property law (LLB) qualified. I am trained in constitutional (fundamental) rights litigation and I hold a teaching degree.

Are a business owner who has spent far too many hours trying to figure out how to achieve GDPR compliance?  Are you dealing with clients who want to know you are GDPR compliant?  Are you worried about data breaches?  Do your customers or employees ask for copies of their data?  Does any of this sound familiar?  If so, I would love to meet you and help you solve problems.

My clients say, “Thank you for making this so easy to do and understand.”  This is now core to the service that I deliver: keep it simple, make it easy.  I work with you to understand your requirements, identify your GDPR compliance obligations and gaps, and then together we prioritise actions to cover those gaps.  When we’re done, you will know that you can demonstrate GDPR compliance easily to clients, customers, and employees.

Years in Business


How did I choose to work in Data Protection and Privacy?

In 2017, I moved to Ireland with my husband and two daughters mid-LLM with The University of Edinburgh.  I was invited to give a talk on Privacy Rights to a small audience soon after arriving.  Shortly thereafter, I was asked to help a Cork business with their GDPR compliance.  Once word got around that I could, in fact, help my short career break swiftly ended, with the Law Masters indefinitely on hold.  

The imminent ‘coming into force’ of the GDPR had sent many smaller businesses and startups into a spin, with dire threats of massive fines wrecking heads across the country.  Using my nearly 20 years of business and legal experience, and guidance provided by the Data Protection Commission and the European Data Protection Board, I worked with a handful of businesses in the first quarter of 2018 to figure out what GPDR compliance meant for the many microbusinesses and smaller SMEs in Ireland.  The feedback from those first Irish clients was invaluable in developing methods and systems that were workable for my subsequent clients.

Since starting ProPrivacy, I’ve had to steal my time away, we’ve been so busy.  I have been privileged to work with a steady stream of local Cork businesses and clients who range from further afield in Ireland, and around the world.  My clients know that they can rely on my guidance and advice that is underpinned by my combined specialities of computer science and law together with my background in business and IT management.

Personally?  I am my friends’ Sheldon Cooper.  I believe that a good Data Processing Agreement, like a good Roommate’s Agreement, keeps many a working relationship conflict free.  On weekends you might find me minding one of the many Minecraft servers I run for the smaller people in my life, building gadgets like a jukebox for our small child (thanks, pandemic) on Raspberry Pi, or knitting up a storm.  I love to garden, indoors and outdoors (which could be an actual form of torture in Ireland) and have recently rediscovered a love of cycling.  My real superpower is in building systems to manage life so we get to experience living while we can still enjoy it!

I love technology, systems and people and have a passion for showing people how technology can make life easier and better. I understand that the world is driven by data today but privacy is paramount. Responsibly developed Artificial Intelligence excites me for the future.

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ProPrivacy Associates

ProPrivacy is backed by a wider team made up of associates with expertise in data protection, privacy, cyber security, law, business management, and information technology strategy.  You are the expert in your business, and we are your expert for GDPR data protection, privacy, and cyber security compliance requirements.

Our Promise to You

Expertise as and when you need it.

Our expertise is your peace of mind.  We are life long learners who participate in continuous professional development courses, remain currently certified, and share our knowledge through public speaking engagements, webinars, and training sessions.  Through our variety of packages on offer, you make use of the format and extent of our expertise you need at any given time.

Innovation and compliance in peaceful co-existence.

We’ll help you to stay red tape-free, leaving you free to innovate with your business intelligence data.  Whether we’re working with newly minted start-up, our local business owner, the compliance team in a large third-level educational institution, a specialist medical research team, or a software provider to highly regulated industries, we bring our technically-backed legal skills to the table for your benefit.  

Clarity when you can't see the wood for the trees.

Principles-based legislation is our specialty.  Our advice and action plans are aligned to legislation, best practice, and custom.  It is no-nonsense and straight to the point.  We won’t let you get lost down a GDPR rabbit hole.  We set you up to be legislatively compliant today, and built that way for the future.    

Seamless integration of best practice into your day-to-day.

Change management is part of our DNA.  We integrate data protection, privacy, and cyber security best practices seamlessly into your business.  Understanding your context, we convey necessary compliance messages with empathy and understanding to relevant stakeholders.  We take every step of the compliance journey with you, making sure our solutions fit your needs. 

Partners, not just a client.

Besides helping our clients secure millions of Euro in contracts (fact!), we’ve been told that we change lives.  How so?  Simply, by speaking the right language and calmly removing stress from your circumstances.  We get to know your context and your business inside out.  Our clients will tell you that, long after a job is finished, we are there to support them.  Our experience is your kickstart.  Use it.

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