Today on The GDPR Series podcast, our focus is data protection and privacy compliant marketing.  I chat with an expert marketing strategist about positive, permission-based marketing and how the personal data of your customer is a gift from them to you.  Besides some great discussion on the principles underpinning data protection – the GDPR – (and privacy), we have a bit of a chat about some marketing history and how strategies have evolved a little.  One certain book has been a bit of a revelation to me – completely missed that one!  Listen to find out more.

Our guest today is Finola Howard who is an exceptional, inspirational and gifted (yes, my opinion and many others!) brand builder, marketing strategist and thinking partner.  Finola can be found at  She is also the creator and founder of How Great Marketing Works ( which is an accessible and affordable online course that teaches businesses of all sizes how to build a marketing process that works for their business.

Current Offer from Finola:  Finola is running her ’30 Day Campaign Builder Program’ starting in March.  The cost of joining is $97 and $47 for members of the How Great Marketing Works course.  Sign Up Here for the 30 Day Campaign – 

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