Training with ProPrivacy gives you a structured and easy to follow learning experience from the beginner and intermediary to advanced level for GDPR-centric data protection, privacy and cybersecurity topics. With rapid and regular changes in the law governing these topics, your staff will need regular updating. 

Training should be a cornerstone of your privacy and data protection program. Bring your staff up to speed on the implementation of key privacy and data protection laws. My training services are extensive and delivered from an expert perspective but practical for easy skills implementation. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to training for SMEs. I will design a training schedule that caters to your specific business needs bearing in mind your operational context.

Training and workshops shouldn't be a drag or a chore.  Join us in the beautiful CoWork Boardroom for focussed, smaller group training sessions that include tea and coffee with biscuits and lunch on full days. 

Training and Workshops Schedule

  • The Practical Data Protection Officer Course – 10 Sessions of 1 Day Each
    Information and dates coming soon. 
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  • Privacy-Centric Electronic Marketing in the GDPR Age - 1 Half Day Session
    Information and dates coming soon.
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  • Is your e-commerce website GDPR compliant? 1 Full Day Session
    Information and dates coming soon.
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  • How to become an independent GDPR Consultant and Auditor – 5 Sessions of 1 Day Each
    Information and dates coming soon.
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The GDPR explicitly lists training of staff as part of the duties of the DPO in Article 39 and further to this in Article 47 requires that staff having permanent or regular access to personal data have appropriate data protection training. I provide your key staff with the knowledge they need to understand and implement the GDPR and other data protection laws and regulations. This entails learning what personal data is, the data lifecycle, how to manage data and why it is important that employees and businesses handle personal data correctly. I provide your appointed staff with a deeper understanding of how to enforce the policies and procedures put into place by your organisation and more importantly, how to identify potential issues before and when they arise. They will also receive tuition on best practices in data processing that should be carried out.  Besides this, some suggested training courses and workshops are listed below.


  • DPIAs in Practice
  • Policy and Notice Writing
  • Security and Incident Management
  • Data Subject Rights, Preparing for and Dealing with SARs
  • Data Mapping and the Legal Bases
  • Demonstrating Compliance and Audit Readiness
  • GDPR, ePrivacy and Marketing
  • Obligations and Consequences: the GDPR and the DPA 2018
  • Awareness and Practical Data Protection in the Workplace
  • GDPR for Schools
  • Data Protection, Explicit Consent and the Health Research Regulations
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