Today on The GDPR Series podcast, our focus is bringing the GDPR back down to earth.  I chat with a rare woman in cyber (and data) who presents her GDPR message to businesses through the lens of real life cyber security issues.  With a very interesting background in the hotel, travel and leisure industry, we are treated to a discussion with somebody who knows all about taking care of masses of far and fast moving data!  Listen to find out more.

Our guest today is Andrea Manning.  Andrea set up Data Influence with the intent to influence how we think about data. She is on a mission to change some of the negative perceptions and scaremongering that sprung up around GDPR.  An eternal optimist she highlights the benefits of doing GDPR and likens it getting a full health check for your business.  She talks about how we all now have a duty around cyber security and that it should become more user-focused.  A passionate champion for small business which often gets left behind, her focus is on plain speaking and practical solutions.  In her own business, she advocates training for everyone in the organisation and creating a culture of curiosity.  In her words, make your staff part of the solution, not the problem.

It’s clear from listening to Andrea that she also has another agenda.  And this is to attract more women into cyber security and data protection.  A natural mentor and a diverse role model herself, Andrea is keen to highlight how women bring varied backgrounds, mindsets, challenges, world views and family dynamics to the table making them natural problem solvers and an ideal fit for the world of cyber security.

Drawing on an extensive career in Information Systems and Marketing, Andrea brings a fresh approach to Data Protection.

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