Today on The GDPR Series podcast, our focus is ransomware – cyber security AND data protection!  I chat with a well-known on the training circuit and expert cyber guy about the current ransomware landscape and how he got into data protection work.  Yes, it does involve managers reading employee emails. Heads up: he’ll be one of our Serity support consultants!   Listen to find out more.

Our guest today is Liam Lynch who prides himself on keeping security simplified and training fun!  Yes, fun cyber security and data protection done excellently.  Liam was really involved in the GDPR Awareness Coalition and still hosts some great infographics on his site.  Fact – I met Liam for the first time in a Centra (inside joke).  Liam is based in Tipperary and Limerick and can be found at

In this episode, Liam reflects on his journey from cyber security and the tech world into sharing his knowledge with us through GDPR data protection training.  We discuss dealing with data subject rights requests, CCTV footage requests, backups, TESTING your backups, and other interesting matters!  If you need training, consulting or audit done, give Liam a call or drop him an email!

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