Today on The GDPR Series podcast, we talk generally about life as a DPO and a few of the challenges that can arise, particularly independence and having to give the medicine when it’s needed!  Our guest today values relationships and lives his motto – your partner for compliance.  Need a DPO or thinking about becoming one?  Listen to find out more.

Our guest today is Stuart Anderson the multifaceted and talented man behind XpertDPO!  Stuart shares some real life experience around getting to know clients intimately, giving difficult advice and dealing with data subjects exercising rights.  We discuss how an expert can save you time and money especially when dealing with subject access requests.  Stuart has been instrumental in putting together and delivering Ireland’s first QQI accredited data protection course.  We take on board his advice to keep the training budget in as a line item – upskilling and keeping current is so important!  Stuart’s services cover data protection (GDPR) and cyber security and he offers practical, tailor-made solutions for your organisation.

If you need a DPO, EU Rep or some consulting or an audit done, give Stuart a call or drop him an email!

Tel: +353(0)16788997

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