Steve had to quickly move his company online, and implement a remote office setup on the fly. But, data security remains a concern for him and his team. 


Steve had to quickly move his company online, and implement a remote office setup on the fly. But, data security remains a concern for him and his team

The world of working online took a different turn during 2020. As more and more companies initiated work from home policies, or started up remote offices, the issue of data security has come to the fore.

All the big name companies in the world have proudly announced their remote working solutions, and the smaller businesses have been re-engineered to enable remote working. But if your staff are working from home, and your team’s gone remote, how do you ensure absolute compliance with data security and cyber security measures?

That’s where ProPrivacy can help. Keeping your business – Big, Small, or StartUp – on the right side of regulation, no matter where you work from.

Remote offices and work from home setups are a mission critical movement for every business across the globe. While it may seem on trend to move your office to your home, there are significant factors at play. Who will ensure your team’s data stays secure? What kind of de-centralised support does your team need? What about cyber security? Without a centralised IT Support team on hand at home, what happens when a team member needs access to confidential user information? 

Unlocking the potential for remote offices has been essential for 2020. But, beyond the global remote working revolution, data security, data privacy, and cyber security remain ever-important, no matter where you’re working from.

Every business needs data to operate. And, when you’re just starting out, your business needs the right kind of support to ensure it stays legally compliant, no matter where your team is working from. 

Even when you’re working from home, or operating through remote offices, your business doesn’t operate in a vacuum. Staying legally compliant, and ensuring every remote worker, remote office, and home worker stays secure, and their data safe, is an operational priority. You know that relying on expertise frees you up to focus on your business. We’re the experts your business needs.

Remote Office Support – As Needed or Longer Term

Remote office setups and work from home programmes offer businesses like yours excellent flexibility. Modern organisational requirements entail so much more than a simple cubicle and staff card. Whether your business had to shift to accommodate new requirements, or you’re well into your journey of flexible work schedules, ProPrivacy can help. 

By ensuring compliance, implementing effective data protection and cyber security programmes, and by training your team, ProPrivacy helps your business stay on the right side of regulation, no matter where the work happens for your business. 

No matter the scope of your support requirements, the ProPrivacy team is here to support your organisation’s remote work setup. We work alongside you to determine the scope of your needs, whether it be an incident at hand or data related project, in the context of your organisational processes, thereafter compiling a roadmap highlighting prioritised actions. The ProPrivacy team then actions agreed upon items to implement that fix any further concerns, no matter where they crop up across the planet. 

Services for Remote Office and Work from Home

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