Brexit-proof your business.

The Brexit Blues
In many respects, the approaching Brexit deadline has felt, for many of us, like an oncoming train. Sure, we’ve considered how it will affect our trade agreements, we’ve realised how it may affect our travel plans, and we’re thinking about how new regulatory systems may affect our businesses. Or, are we?

Your data and your business
We’ll skip the niceties on this one. Essentially, if you’re doing business with a UK-based company, in any area of your business: you’re about to add a bunch of items to your to do list, and it may be a very busy Halloween. Sure, you may have re-engineered your processes and agreements around Brexit and related regulations, but have you considered what happens when your ISP’s server is in London, and you’re in Ireland? If you haven’t, as yet, considered every operational item that may be affected by Brexit, it’s time to get busy.

Your business partners
No man is an island, and no business can operate without partners, suppliers, and clientele. You’re more than aware that Brexit and the rollout of GDPR has changed the way you operate, but are you avidly aware of just how much your business may depend on the data transfer processes between the UK and your country? Statistically, you should be, considering that more than 3.8 percent of the world’s GDP depends upon the process of data transfer. That’s a hefty percentage of the global economy dependent on data transfer, and what happens if your business processes, that are so heavily dependent on data transfer, suddenly came to a stop on 31 October 2019? Moreover, it’s a problem that’s not going to disappear: the volume of data transferred between the UK and EU countries has increased more than 28 times within 2005 and 2015. In 2019, we can only imagine how much more data is constantly in transit. 

The legalities of your data
When we talk about “your data”, we’re talking about all the information that your company needs to do the work it needs to, to serve your customers, to make money, and to grow into new areas of operation. At first, many of our clientele assume that when we talk about “your data” we’re simply referring to company information, product data, emails, client contracts, and human resources records. The scope of “your data” is far, far larger. When we talk about “your data” we mean every piece of information your company requires and utilises, and yes, that includes your browser history too. And, don’t be fooled: Facebook had to match up with the demands of GDPR for it to continue operating in EU regions, so yes, your company must too. 

The Big Brexit Bang
Of course, the UK’s data protection laws work hand in hand with GDPR at the moment, but when Brexit hits after Halloween, your data transfers are going to hit a big bang. Once the UK has officially left the European Union, and no deal has been struck, the UK instantaneously becomes a ‘third party country’ under the rules and regulations of the GDPR. That means that any business operating in an EU region, that transfers information to or from a business located in the UK, will need to have significantly onerous contracts in place, to ensure the processes are legally sound. Divisional or regional exchanges of information between your branches and offices will also be affected, and your business’ ability to function may grind to a halt. And, if you weren’t convinced enough yet, it’s true: even your internet connection could stop working. 

We can help
Creating and implementing the contracts and legally sound documentation, processes, and procedures for ensuring your business remains GDPR compliant, and Brexit-proof, starts now. Get in touch with our team and we’ll ensure your business is Brexit-proof, and you won’t have a gloomy Halloween.