Have you have met your GDPR data protection, privacy and cyber security obligations?

Do you need to:

  • know how to do your marketing and sales in a compliant way?

  • make sure your remote and home working practices are compliant and secure?

  • do risk assessments or data protection impact assessments?

  • put together compliance documentation like policies, procedures and data processing agreements?

  • show your customers or clients that you have met your compliance obligations?

Not sure how to do this yourself?  We are here to help you strategize and provide solutions.  Call us today for a free no-obligations chat.  Based in Cork, Ireland, with a global client base, we design and deliver risk-aware data compliance documentation, programmes and solutions.  You do business while we do compliance.

You build your organisation, and we’ll handle the data protection, privacy and cyber security compliance around it.

Backed by more than twenty years’ experience in the realms of data and cyber security governance, risk and compliance management, ProPrivacy makes it easy to manage your organisation’s risk level and ensure you don’t get tangled up in red tape.  When you need help with data subject rights requests, data breaches, data protection impact assessments and data processing agreements, our team works with you to implement fully customisable data compliance documentation, programmes and solutions that are built for your organisational needs.

Data Compliance Support

ProPrivacy supports you on a per project basis, from start to finish, making sure data compliance obligations are clear, attainable and achieved.  Examples of projects might include data processing agreement negotiation, funded medical device manufacturing research, implementing a new IT system for your business which needs due diligence and a DPIA done or opening up a branch office in a different legal jurisdiction.

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Data Compliance Programmes

ProPrivacy will help you build a data compliance programme covering data protection, privacy and cyber security, working closely with your data compliance team. We design a strategic plan that will result you in reaching your data compliance maturity goals. Our data compliance programme uses Serity to benchmark and assess your compliance status and Bizoneo ™ GDPR from the outset to manage your data compliance programme.

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Data Compliance Audits

From the start of your data compliance programme through different stages of data compliance maturity, ProPrivacy offers data audits based on industry approved standards for data protection, privacy and cyber security.  This highly confidential and impartial service provides you with an accurate picture of your compliance gaps, where your risk lies and your overall compliance status.  We use Serity to conduct our data compliance audits.

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Are you looking for GDPR Data Protection, Privacy or Cyber Security advice?  From time to time we put on webinars or online courses, usually teaching you how to do your own GDPR data protection auditing and management in your small business or SME.  Join us on our next webinar or training course: ProPrivacy Data Compliance Training Courses

GDPR Data Protection, Privacy and Cyber Security Compliance Information

We help you meet your GDPR data protection, privacy, and cyber security obligations by keeping you up to date with plain language explanations through blogs and podcasts.

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The (Undiscovered) LinkedIn Data Protection and Privacy Champion with Louise Bunyan of SmartFox

By |March 20th, 2020|

Today on The GDPR Series podcast, we have a bit of a different guest. My challenge to digital marketing consultant and LinkedIn trainer, Louise Bunyan of SmartFox, was to join me in discussing data protection even though she kept insisting it wasn't really in her sphere of influence, so to speak. But I knew from many previous work-related discussions that it most definitely was!

GDPR Management Strategies with Claude Saulnier (in his lovely French accent) of Bizoneo

By |March 6th, 2020|

We all have days where we feel truly overwhelmed with our GDPR compliance obligations.  We've said before, eat the elephant one bite at a time, but how do you decide where to start?  Today on The GDPR Series podcast, our focus is an application (and the creator) that guides you through a logical way to manage your GDPR compliance obligations, and yes, it's mostly about you, smaller businesses.  Listen up for some nuggets that will save you a lot of time and effort, especially when dealing with pressurised and complex data access requests!

  • GDPR and your email marketing Strategy

GDPR and Your Email Marketing Strategy

By |March 5th, 2020|

The GDPR in conjunction with other law provides guidelines and a legal framework for the way your business needs to manage, secure, and share personal data. Naturally, that affects the way you market too. Here’s how the GDPR framework affects your email marketing strategy.

GDPR, Children’s Data and Moving from Paper to Digital with Steph McSherry of Kinderama

By |February 28th, 2020|

Today on The GDPR Series podcast, our focus is straight business talk, children's data and moving from paper to digital!  I chat with a creative business owner who deals with most of her data protection compliance tasks herself.  Besides helping me translate data protection compliance language into plain speak,  she shares with us how to just get on and do what needs doing.  This business owner writes her own policies and does her own vendor risk assessments!  Listen to find out more.

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Fast track your GDPR and cyber security data compliance with software solutions from ProPrivacy Compliance Solutions.

Have you put your GDPR data protection compliance programme on the long finger because you’re just too busy? As a responsible business, you know that data compliance is a priority. But, just how onerous is the task? Our short guide by Cath Jenkin to creating and implementing a robust GDPR data protection compliance programme can help. TL;DR: it is not an onerous task.

If you need to kickstart your data compliance programme, we offer you Serity. Serity helps you identify your data related risks, fix your gaps and share your compliance status with your customers and supply chain through a standardised, online audit process. Serity is data compliance auditing and management simplified for business owners, Data Protection Officers and compliance managers.

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Are you concerned about your general GDPR data protection compliance obligations? We offer you Bizoneo ™Bizoneo ™ is designed to ease the collaboration within the organisation when implementing and managing a data compliance programme. Implementing Bizoneo ™ means that data protection becomes business as usual from the minute your organisation starts using it.

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