Start here if you need help with data compliance documentation, programmes or audits.  Make your selection from our customisable data compliance solutions, and let’s chat about your needs.

Data Compliance Support – Shorter Term or Per Project

If you find yourself going round in circles on a project or can’t close a deal because of data compliance issues, we’ll help you with data related compliance tasks such as generating and finalising compliance documentation, providing strategic support on a per-project basis, or supplying on-site training to help your team better ensure compliance and mitigate operational risk.  If you’re in a tight spot or an emergency situation, our team is available to you whenever you need. Simply call us and we’ll get started on fixing the crisis that’s ruined your day.  Some of the services we provide include:

  • Data Processing Agreements (DPAs)
  • Data Protection, Privacy and Security Policy Packs
  • Data Protection, Privacy and Security Training
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)
  • Third Party and Vendor Risk Assessments

Meet Evelyn.  Evelyn is a team lead for a data processor responsible for ensuring data protection and privacy by design is implemented in all team projects. Every single day, Evelyn deals with customers who are data controllers looking for proof of GDPR data protection compliance. Evelyn is also responsible for dealing with data subjects exercising rights as well managing incidents and data breaches together with her data controller customers. Evelyn doesn’t have the support of a Data Protection Officer. Evelyn has too much on her plate. We support Evelyn.

No matter the scope of your support requirements, as a quick start, the ProPrivacy team conducts a brief audit of the incident or project in the context of your organisational processes, thereafter compiling a roadmap highlighting urgent action. The ProPrivacy team then actions agreed upon items to implement that remedy any further concerns. 

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Data Compliance Programme – Longer Term Support

Our Data Compliance Programme, incorporating Serity and Bizoneo ™, gives you the reassurance that your organisation is right on track when it comes to regulatory and compliance requirements. This is a long-term data compliance commitment, aiming for maturity, with on-site support and guidance provided to your organisation and team.

Meet the Acme Data Compliance Team.  Acme is a preeminent supplier of data processor services. Acme deals with endless customer requests for data processing agreements and proof of compliance.  The Acme Data Compliance Team fills in endless vendor questionnaires. The Acme Data Compliance Team thinks that they might be okay compliance-wise and does have some proof of compliance on file. The Acme Board has been asked to approve a request for a comprehensive vendor audit to be conducted by a data controller client’s compliance team. The Acme Board also wants to cut down on queries and form-filling.  The Acme Data Compliance Team is told to benchmark their data protection compliance status, assess the maturity of the Acme data compliance programme and produce a standardised set of data compliance related documentation for the audit that can be used by all of their customers to verify the data compliance status of Acme. We help the Acme Data Compliance Team build and action this programme.

The ProPrivacy team works with your team, to benchmark your organisation’s data-related practices, processes and documentation using Serity with the aim of assessing, enhancing and improving your organisation’s current data compliance maturity level. Whilst assessing, the ProPrivacy team will conduct Q&A-based training sessions for your internal teams. Using appropriate technologies and forecasting techniques, the ProPrivacy team then generates a report, including risk mitigation strategy, with recommendations towards how your organisation can ensure better data compliance maturity in the future.  The Programme may included documented data protection impact assessments (DPIAs) where required.  Generally, the programme will include a subscription to Bizoneo ™, a GRC data compliance management software solution. Offering one-stop compliance, data protection, and data processing software, Bizoneo ™ is an effective, and essential tool for ensuring your organisation’s legal, regulatory, and framework-fixed data compliance.

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Data Compliance Auditing – Internal or Third Party

Do you think you’re up to date and ready for anything? We’ll tell you the truth. For a confidential and impartial data compliance audit, get in touch with our team. Our data compliance audit process not only picks out the problems, but offers you a full listing of recommendations and action points too. We make it simple to start taking the right steps towards ensuring your organisation stays on the right side of the law.

Meet Siobhán. Siobhán is a data compliance manager responsible for overseeing and assessing the data compliance programme in her organisation. Siobhán has to stand over her assessment of the organisation’s data compliance status and assure customers of this.  Siobhán feels that she lacks impartiality and needs an outside assessment done to determine the adequacy of the compliance team’s efforts and to identify gaps they might have missed.  Siobhán calls us for a confidential and impartial data audit.

We provide data compliance audit services that measure your practices against industry approved standards for data protection, privacy and cyber security frameworks, to see how your organisational operations match up. We are experienced support and programme providers for frameworks and standards like NIST Cybersecurity; NIST Privacy (new)and Cyber Essentials.

By working towards ensuring your organisation’s operations are compliant, legally robust, and future-proofed, ProPrivacy helps you ensure your organisation’s success. The ProPrivacy team works with your data compliance team to assess your data compliance strategy, approach, and implementation. Combining comprehensive audits with support services, the ProPrivacy Team compiles, and helps your organisation implement, a full data compliance strategy, complete with milestones and objectives.  Included in the data compliance audit service are workshop-based, per-department audits of your data compliance programme resulting in a benchmarked, risk-ranked gap analysis and remediation roadmap.  We use Serity to conduct our data compliance audits.

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The ProPrivacy Process

To initiate your organisation’s data compliance solution with ProPrivacy, simply select the solution you’d prefer and let us know by email or phone. We’ll chat through your needs, eliminate the headaches, and send you a project proposal that responds to your requirements. Once you’re ready to go, we’ll roll out our full data compliance solution for you, backed by appropriate, effective technologies and support services. Bonus: we keep you updated with regular progress reports, so you don’t need to worry about this organisational process anymore. We run our projects on MS365 using SharePoint, Teams, Planner, and Projects as well as making use of Serity and Bizoneo ™ where necessary.

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