You may be busy with design and development, but what about your data? ProPrivacy explains your responsibilities.


You’re focused on creating great design and robust development for your clients. But, what are you doing about your data? As a software development studio, you need data to make decisions about design and development. But how is that data processed, stored, and used? Your data processing responsibilities must be prioritised. 

Software development 

We live in an exciting time, where the demand for your software development skills just can’t be matched. Clients queue to take up space in your studio schedule, and your profit margins grow, year on year. But, as you manage all your client demands, what are you doing with all that data? Whether you received important analytical data from your clients, or set things up so that your clients can keep tabs on their projects, your data processing activities must adhere to important legislation.

Analytics are everything

Data provides your software development studio with the right type of tools to make the right kind of choices for your clients. Analytics, dashboards, statistics, and reports, guide the decision-making processes throughout each and every design and development sprint. For software development studios, here are just some (but not all!) of the data compliance measures your team needs to keep in mind:


  • Data Processing agreements must form an integral part of your operations. 
  • Data Protection Officers play an important role in ensuring your client projects are legally sound and effectively protect personal data privacy. 
  • Website Compliance provides your software development studio with a starting point to ensure data compliance throughout your operations.
  • Website Policies are a must-do, and a simple copy+paste won’t do. Each design and development is unique for your client’s needs, and the website policies must match up with their one-of-a-kind offering. 
  • Consent Management is a mission-critical moment for every software development studio. Whether it’s a plugin you’re using, or a framework for a client, accurate and up-to-date consent management measures are required for data protection and privacy by design. 
  • Data Compliance Strategies must be created and adhered to for every client project. Yes, even the little ones you don’t mention on your portfolio.
  • Calling in the experts isn’t for the weak or feeble-minded. It’s for the best! With a Data Compliance Consultant to guide you through every potential landmine and client nightmare, your software development studio can stay on the right side of regulation.

Data Protection by Design

Data protection by Design is your software development studio’s forward-thinking way of doing things and solving every data compliance concern before it begins. Working directly with your team of genius minds, ProPrivacy helps you set up and adhere to an excellent data compliance programme throughout your operations. 


We support your team

Your software development studio is renowned for its excellent design, stupendous development skills, and fantastic turn-around times. Protecting your professional reputation, saving money, and ensuring those skills are put to the best use, ProPrivacy works with your team to create and enable excellent data compliance, no matter which cog in the wheel needs turning. Whether short term or long term, per project, or per year, ProPrivacy helps your software development studio stay on the right side of regulation

Philipa Jane Farley

Written By Philipa Jane Farley

Philipa is the lead consultant and auditor at ProPrivacy.  With clients as far afield as Canada, South Africa, Kenya, Germany, Spain and other such exotic locations, besides Cork and elsewhere in Ireland, Philipa enjoys a broad view of the state of data protection, privacy and cyber security worldwide.  Philipa’s passion is manageable data compliance for SMEs.

Philipa is a qualified teacher besides holding a computer science (Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence Programming) and electronic and intellectual property law (LLB) qualified. She is trained in constitutional (fundamental) rights litigation and enjoys a good debate.

Philipa has over twenty years of experience working in different sized organisations and sectors on operational, governance, risk management and compliance matters. She is an analytical and focused person that enjoys a challenge in the workplace. She loves technology, systems and people and has a passion for showing people how technology can make life easier and better. She understands that the world is driven by data today but privacy is paramount. Responsibly developed AI excites Philipa for the future.

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