ProPrivacy is Ireland's leading consultancy for SMEs in all matters relating to data protection, electronic law, e-commerce, privacy, cybersecurity and data ethics. My consulting is about finding opportunity, education, growth, risk management and positive solutions.  Consultancy is offered on an ad-hoc, month-to-month and longer term contract basis.

Due to my extensive, varied experience and technical expertise in European and international electronic and data related law and systems management, I can deliver a complete data protection, ethics and privacy solution.  I can manage your projects from start to finish while working together with your internal specialists. I advise startups, SMEs, and larger businesses beyond 250+ employees on their most critical and timely issues and present money-saving and risk-reducing solutions based on European and international best practice and frameworks.

Under laws which include GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018, your business has obligations as a data controller and in some instances as a data processor. These obligations are based on the data protection principles enshrined in the law and found in specific provisions of the GDPR and DPA 2018 plus Regulations containing requirements to perform Data Protection Impact Assessments, Legitimate Interests Assessments, implement Privacy by Design, appoint a Data Protection Officer, keep Records of Processing Activity, keep certain registers and have certain policies and procedures in place. Vendor management and contracting is becoming more complex with negotiation on roles and responsibilities for fulfilment of data subject rights and incident management. Awareness of Codes of Conduct development, such as that currently in the pipeline for the management of children's data, is necessary. Lastly, as important as identifying your data processing activities and types of data being processed and understanding your data flows are to informing your data protection plans, appreciating the risk to your data subjects rights and freedoms and risks inherent in your operations and systems is paramount. I am here to assist you with this and more.


Are you developing an app, creating an online marketplace or do you do business online using an e-commerce platform?  You might even be delivering courses or services online or be developing an Internet of Things product or solution.  Are you aware of mandatory elements for e-commerce platforms such as contractual notices, cookie notices and data protection provisions as required under EU law?  I am here to help you with your terms and conditions, advise on e-commerce, consumer protection and cyber security provisons, platform management and compliance with laws such as those relating to electronic signatures.


Privacy law is not just the GDPR.  Privacy law encapsulates laws related to electronic communications, online marketing strategies and online communications on social media platforms.  Your business is regulated by laws such as the EU E-Privacy Directive and domestic implementations such as the EC Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) 2011.  The EU ePrivacy Regulations are currently under discussion and will implement changes that may have a large impact on your e-commerce and marketing strategies.  Being prepared for dispute management and resolution, awareness and change management is key to minimising disruption and ensuring growth while earning the respect and loyalty of your customer base and online community.


Systems, technology and cybersecurity can pose a challenge for businesses that might not have internal resources to assist with risk identification and mitigation.  Cybersecurity has come to the fore for smaller businesses especially with the rise in ransomware attacks and requirements under the GDPR to institute appropriate technological measures to protect personal data.  Online fraud and other cybercrime may result in data breaches as well as significant material loss to your business.  I can help you examine your practices and develop a strategy in line with the Irish National Cyber Security Centre and ENISA advice and objectives that will increase security over the data you hold and process.


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