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ProPrivacy Consulting Limited is Ireland's leading consultancy service for SMEs in all matters relating to data protection, electronic law, privacy and the new GDPR. Our consultancy is not only about education, but we'll discuss risk management and compliance solutions with you too.

Due to our vast experience and technical expertise in European and international internet and data related law and systems management, we can deliver a complete data protection and privacy solution and manage your projects from start to finish eliminating the need to bring in any other specialists.

We advise SMEs and in fact, larger businesses beyond 10K+ employees, on their most critical and timely issues and present money saving and risk reducing solutions based on European and international best practice and frameworks.

Data Protection Policy and Privacy Notice Writing

Every business should have a data protection policy and privacy notices that shed light onto data processing activities within the business.  Does your business have these policies and notices in place?  You may need to start from scratch or you may need to update your policies and notices.  You might want to simply put them through a check with us.  You might not know where or how your notices should be served.  We are here to be a sounding board or a complete solution for your business.  We can help you plan, develop and write your policies and notices and we can train your staff to understand and implement your policies.

GDPR Compliance Consulting Services

We will walk your GDPR compliance journey with you.  You may want us there before you start, you may want us there from start to finish and you may only need us for a few stops along the way.  The GDPR (and implementation in national law) places quite specific obligations onto businesses that control and process personal data.  At times it is not obvious what these obligations are or if your business is required to meet them.  With this in mind, we have explained some of these obligations and listed the types of services we offer you and your business to assist you on the road to demonstrating your data protection compliance.

Personal Data Mapping
What is personal data mapping?
How does mapping personal data help you?
Do you have to do personal data mapping?
Article 30 Records of Processing
What are Article 30 Records of Processing?
How do these records help you?
Do you have to keep Article 30 Records of Processing?
Data Protection Officer Appointment
What is a data protection officer (DPO)?
How does appointing a data protection officer (DPO) help you?
Do you have to appoint a data protection officer (DPO)?
Data Protection Impact Assessment
What is a data protection impact assessment (DPIA)?
How does this help you?
Do you have to do this?
Legitimate Interest Assessment
What is a legitimate interest assessment (LIA)?
How do legitimate interest assessments help you?
Do you have to do legitimate interest assessments?
Data Processing Agreement Review
What are Data Processing Agreements?
How does inventorying and reviewing data processing agreements help you?
Do you have to have and review your data processing agreements?
Technical and Organisational Security Measures
What are technical and organisational security measures?
How does having appropriate technical and organisational security measures help you?
Do you have to implement appropriate technical and organisational security measures?
Audit Readiness
What do we mean when we talk of audit readiness?
How does being ready for an audit help you?
Do you have to be ready for an audit?
Technical Contract Review

It might seem to you that the world of technology has never seen such a deluge of formal contracting before and you are probably quite correct in your assessment.  Contracts that cover technical matters may need an expert eye to advise and we are your partner in this regard.  Besides reviewing data processing agreements, we have experience in advising on the technical portions of data science and analytics contracts and suites of software agreements that would include user terms and service level agreements.  Bring us your contracts for technical advice and opinion and some insight into best practice.  We are also happy to work together with your solicitor.

ICT Strategy and Planning

Through years of experience, we understand that ICT strategy and planning is not an easy or simple exercise.  Data protection and privacy solutions may come flying at you now at such a pace, you don't know which way to turn.  Deciding on what technology to invest in can give some business owners sleepless nights.  Through consultation, we can offer you some peace of mind and assist you with integrating a layer of data protection and privacy planning into your general ICT strategy and planning.  These consulting sessions are tailored to the needs of your business.

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