Who is ProPrivacy?

ProPrivacy provides expert GDPR data protection, privacy and electronic Law consulting, auditing and training with a global perspective to SMEs, micro businesses, and startups that need help or are growing a privacy program in Cork and the rest of Ireland.

Philipa Jane Farley, CEO of ProPrivacy, is an electronic and constitutional rights professional support lawyer with a computer science (AI) programming degree. 

Hi, I'm Philipa Jane, but most people call me Pips. My role at ProPrivacy is to provide compliance advice and training on data protection (GDPR), privacy (ePR) and electronic law matters to SMEs in Cork and throughout Ireland. I help manage data breaches, data subject access requests, and I provide Data Protection Officer support for when checks and balances or a 'sanity check' are required.

I am a computer science (Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence Programming) and electronic and intellectual property law (LLB) qualified business adviser. I am trained in Constitutional Rights Litigation. I have twenty years of experience working in different sized businesses and across different sectors. I have a solid, broad overview of operational, risk, compliance and internet-security related matters.

I am an analytical and focused person that enjoys a challenge in the workplace. I love technology, systems and people and have a passion for showing people how technology can make life easier and better. I understand that the world is driven by data today but privacy is paramount. Responsibly developed AI excites me for the future. 

If you want to connect for a chat, find me on Twitter :-)

Who are my clients?

I work with startups and Small-to-Medium Enterprises. I especially appreciate businesses implementing Privacy by Design and SMEs working on their GDPR data protection and privacy programs and protocols. If your business is tech-related, that's an added bonus for me :-) My clients understand that ethics matter and privacy is a value to be infused throughout operations.  Sizes range from family owned and micro businesses to well-established larger businesses and include private, State and Semi-State bodies. 

  • WHAT DO I DO FOR YOU? I provide you, your business and Data Protection Officer and compliance team with specialist consulting and training on global and European GDPR data protection law, privacy and electronic law matters across functions and departments.  My list of services includes: Consulting, DPO Support, Auditing, Training and Workshops
  • WHEN DO YOU NEED ME? You can call me in to help you strategize and plan for a privacy program for your business or you can call me in along the way to help you with the bits and pieces. You can call me at the start, in the middle or at the end, if you need a check. I work on an ad-hoc basis with some clients, where others might prefer me to be with them for a few months at a time.  My clients know that they can drop a line anytime for a chat as I believe that data ethics respect for privacy should be a core value in every business and therefore an ongoing part of business. I would like to be there with you on your journey, every step of the way.
  • WHERE DO I WORK? I am based in Cork, where I am known as a global data protection and electronic law specialist, but I am happy to travel. I have clients in all parts of the country, covering every province and all counties. My office is in Mallow and very easy to get to should you wish to come to me. We make great coffee and enjoy meeting new people. If it is all just a bit much for you or time is tight, video conferencing is another great option to connect as I am quite comfortable working virtually with clients.
  • WHY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE ME? I serve you and your business with expertise and compassion. I understand startups and small businesses. I understand that your journey is unique and not easy. I do not believe in shortcuts and I have very high standards. My experience allows me to say with confidence that I will deliver the very best service to you and your business.

Some of the law you should know...

Some of the laws I help with are listed here.  Please see the Consulting section for more information on specific services and products that I offer.

  • European Data Protection Law and Regulation (GDPR) 2016
  • Irish Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018
  • United Kingdom Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018
  • South African Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) 2013
  • European ePrivacy Directive (ePD) 2002
  • Irish EC Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) 2011
  • United Kingdom Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive)  Regulations (PECR) 2003 
  • Canada's Anti-Spam Law (CASL)
  • European Directive on security of network and information systems (NIS Directive)
  • European ePrivacy Regulations (ePR) (upcoming)

A personal note...

My husband, whose family is Irish, and I made the decision to relocate to Ireland from South Africa in 2017 with our two daughters. We have enjoyed a warm welcome from new friends and the community where we have settled and we couldn't be happier. To answer the usual questions:

Where are we from in South Africa?  We lived in the Midlands in KwaZulu-Natal near the Drakensberg mountains. That would be pretty much in the middle of the country. We enjoyed a really rural life there.

Do we miss the weather? The weather is not very different as we had more rain annually in non-drought years but it is much more damp here in Cork.  We don't really miss the heat and sun but maybe we will in a few years. 

What about the accent?  We were surrounded by so many different nationalities and accents, understanding another accent is no worry.

Will we learn Irish?  Learning Irish is a challenge that the smallest child is winning so far.

Do we miss the food?  We do miss biltong but if you ask us to bring South African food somewhere you'll most likely get a milk tart or bobotie as biltong is possibly an acquired taste/texture.

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